Andres Soldi

Le Cordon Bleu Peru


I grew up in Lima, Peru. An Italian-background family surrounded by food helped me realize I was about to start a big journey by studying culinary arts for 3 years at Le Cordon Bleu.

Worked for 6 months setting up a small restaurant in Los Organos, Piura (northern beach in Peru) where I got inspired by local fresh seafood and marine diversity.

After this magical experience, I became the Chef of the Australian Embassy Residence in Lima.

I moved to Melbourne after that for an Internship program at a hotel and learned so much about food and cultures from around the world.

A couple of years ago, I moved to Byron Bay to work on the best Mexican Restaurant in the area and discovered the amazing produce the east coast has to offer.

I find myself at the moment, documenting and creating as much as I can with what I can find close to me. A few amazing things I discovered in Australia and Byron: finger limes, kakadu plums (very similiar to peruvian camu-camu), macadamias, lemon myrtle and many other new ingredients for us to play with.


Franco Reverditto

Le Cordon Bleu Peru


I also grew up in Lima, started to work in my first restaurant at the age of 15 where I learnt a lot about classic Peruvian food and kitchen atmoshpere. While studying an Administration career, I went for a work and holiday program in Colorado, USA where I ended up working in two restaurants at a time. That's when I realized I wanted to dedicate myself to the Culinary Arts and enroled to a renowned cooking school.

As soon as I finished my studies, my plan was to keep on travelling and working. I got a job offer in Melbourne for a year and ended up staying for 3 and a half working at an Italian restaurant business who owned 5 of them around the city. I got promoted as a head chef at the second year and helped to set up their last one.

After this complete restaurant business experience, I got a job offer to work at Jamie Oliver's italian restaurant in Perth and ended up being the head chef for two years. After 6 years surrounded by Italian food and becoming a father, I decided to move away from big cities and restaurants.

Less than a year ago I moved to Byron where we have settled in and built this Peruvian food business. Our mission here is to promote our food, culture and music in order to offer a new experience for locals and tourists. We couldn't be happier doing what we love.